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producers of raw honey, bees, craft cider, Cider apples

and cider apple juice


five acres of fantastic dorset soil 



Twinways orchard on Twinways lane in Melplash was planted in the 1970's by The Taunton Cider company.  The soil is an incredible deep reservoir of minerals, called the Bridport sands.  There was already a strong tradition of orchards, vegetable and fruit production before our orchard was planted and the unique terroir of this area has produced award winning cider and bountiful harvests for generations.  The size of the farmsteads and quality of the buildings within them compared to the size of the holdings themselves attests to this.  Glad are we to be able to farm in this wonderful location and carry on this tradition.

An orchard is a wonderful example of what man and nature can achieve when man is the less prevalent force in the partnership.  Definitely not a field ploughed and sown annually, neither is it a plantation to be harvested for its timber just once.  The orchard gives up its harvest yearly for its long life, the sward of grass remains largely intact throughout this time.  Nature has time to colonise and many habitats abound,  not as rich as a forest but rare is it to find such diversity in an agricultural context.  Farmer and nature in a more stable balance, with breathtaking results; swathes of pink and then white blossoms in the spring, the flush of fresh leaves and setting fruit, followed buy a riot of colour in the ripening fruits at harvest and the smell of freshly pressed pomace in the winter.

By supporting us and getting involved with what we have to offer, you are helping to sustain a small family business in West Dorset.  More than that though; you are helping to sustain an important  agricultural environment that is vanishing from the landscape, many habitats, bees for pollination and our independence.  So thanks.